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Dentist: Clock House Dental

Clock House Dental provides NHS and Private treatments at affordable costs and in a caring environment. Emergency appointments available.

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Clock House Dental
95 Heworth Village
York, YO31 1AN
Phone: 01904 422918
Fax: 01904 431345

Services Offered: General NHS and Private Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants, Tooth Whitening, Endodontics, emergency appointments

Areas Served: Covering York and surrounding villages

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* gemma

Have been going to clockhouse practice for a couple of yrs and have always found the dentists and dental nurses to be proffessional and kind mannered. Some of the reception staff unfortunately do not offer the same service and as the initial face of the practice let the rest of the staff there down. Disappointing...

Aug 23, 2012
* ashley rowan

Fantastic treatment dentist is proffesional, good with nervous patients treatment is pain free..

May 25, 2011
* karen

Visited clockhouse surgery last year for check up re further treatment it was the best care i have ever received in 40yrs elaine was fantastic"dentist himself had a manerism to calm any anxious patient & believe me ime not easy to calm"i just wish they did a payment plan so i could afford the treatment i needed id go back tomorrow..

Oct 27, 2010
* Sarah

Friendly and helpful reception staff, don't mind spending time sorting a convenient appointment for people like me who have to juggle round work, childcare etc. Not in the middle of town, so easier to access. Professional and friendly dentist who was happy to explain different options of treatment with no pressure to go with a more expensive option. Have recommended to many friends and family...

Aug 10, 2010
* Adrian

Great dentist is all i can say...

Nov 14, 2009
* Peter Rankin

Went to the dentist for the first time in 12 years. I would rather go ten rounds with Mike Tyson than go to the dentist.

I found the service brilliant the dentist was vert patient, understanding and caring. Yes I had to go private but then who doesn't these days. The price was low when compared to other dentists. I found the place to be very clean and the sevice first class, it's just not in the best part of town.

For someone who can't even talk about the dentist without squirming, I had 2 hours of root canal surgery. It was totally painless and done by caring, nice professionals.

It cost me 300, but my last MoT cost me 400. So I got to keep a tooth for the rest of my life and I've been back for a filling and a check up, a surprise to both me and the dentist...

Oct 31, 2008
* Dave Roberts

I was looking for a dentist and I was more than happy to go privately as it is impossible to get a NHS dentist...

On arriving for my initial examination although the price was cheap for the examination the place looked like a typical NHS practice. It was grubby, dirty and extremely busy.

Never the less I was then confronted with a list of work that I needed and I was disgusted at the price for the work needed. I felt like they entice you in with a cheap exam then poop you a huge bill for your treatment afterwards to make up for it.

I am more than happy to pay for my treatment but I am not paying private fee's for NHS surroundings and quality.

I have since gone elsewhere to a private practice where they spend the time with you and the practice is far more nicer. At least my money is being put to good use.

I am the same as the other comment. If you want cheap treatment and cheap quality waste your money here otherwise find a decent private dentist....

Sep 11, 2008
* Andrew Watson

Swapped to this practice on the advice of a friend. Receptionists were helpful and got appointment at a time which suited me. Dentist seemed nice, and listened to what I had to say. She gave me different options for what types of treatment I could have, and there was no pressure to choose the private option. Treatment was painless too! Have recommended them to loads of my friends. ..

Jul 28, 2008
* nigel Ashworth

i recently visited clock house in need of some emergency work and also to start a dental fitness program as i have not being near a dentist in some 20 years !.
I was very aware this was going to cost me a fair amount of money and also i was unable to find a nhs dentist .
Clockhouse was the best on price for a intial consultation so i made an appointment .
I was told i would need to pay 35 up front before a appointment could be made .
I have an Electron card and their system would not accpt keyed card entries ..i then had to visit twice once to pay the money to make an appointment and then secondly to have the treatment!
i was quoted 1000 over a series of two appointmets , i went away to think it over before accepting ...but unfortunatly 2 days later i was in pain with my teeth ..and at work that day i phoned to get an emergency appointment
Straight away the receptionist on accessing my records reminded i had a balance of 945 to pay and said she would need to take 245 pounds BEFORE i could have an appointment that day !
i gave her my card number but like the previous time was not going through due to a security procedure keyed entry .
i told the girl i was in pain i needed to have an appointment that day and would bring cash in with me ...but she was not going to give me an appointment without money up front !

My point being here , is my intereaction on 2 occasions as a new patient , was all about MONEY ...which i found vulger and unsessary .
I am more than willing to pay for a service BUT not when it is demanded UPFRONT , and with no consideration to me as a human being in pain .
This to me was no better than a prost**** wanting upfront monies for service !..
Please stay well clear of this practice if you want to be treated with compassion ,respect and a seen as a sign walking through the door !..

Jun 27, 2008

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