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Dentist: B S Ranu

NHS Dental Practice.Emergency Appointments. Please note: The practice is located on the first floor with no lift access.

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B S Ranu
221 Shinfield Road
Reading, RG2 8HA
Phone: 0118-975 6161

Services Offered: NHS & Emergency dental care.

Areas Served: Reading, Berkshire

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* mark colston

totally trust mr ranu,best dentist ive ever had,he has many years experience and is a real professional in dental care,i would hate to go anywhere else! totally trust him and never had a bad experience from him,unlike other dentists who just look for work...

Apr 7, 2017
* ann newport

I went to Ranu with a broken tooth, it split in half, I was in absolute agony,I didn't even feel him give me the dreaded needle, it was such a relief, all of my family have been to him when our own surgery was closed.found him to be a nice guy, and I did fill in a consent form, always have done,always give his number to friends..

Sep 27, 2015
* anton

I was referred to this guy from my original dentist as they were fully booked . I spoke with a lady on the phone and everything about me having my wisdom tooth was established including cost. I expected a straight forward procedure but I was told to just go back to my original dentist. What a total waste of my fucking time especially as I took the day off work only to be pretty much bounced around like a football. I'm not impressed at all by the lack of professionalism at ranu's surgery total piss take!

Dec 22, 2014
* Ann Beasley

I have been going to Mr Ranu for several years now and always had very good treatment. Surgery is always clean...

Apr 24, 2014
* Zarah

Great service really happy..

Feb 16, 2014
* jordan beadle

i have been to ranu 3 times now and actualy have an appointment with him today! hes given me a filling n extracted 2 for me. i was with a private dentist but down to cost i went nhs. the nhs r useless and for the second time fingers crossed dr runu will get me out of the pain. again! good prices good work good man!..

Mar 2, 2013
* lt1981

I broke my tooth and was trying to find a dentist what is open on a saturday then I found mr Ranu. He was quick to pull the tooth and gave gave me all the details of what to expect after the treatment,
What he didn't tell me he is really rough and ripped alot of muscles in my face causing me to be in severe pain for a couple of weeks afterwards...

Feb 9, 2013
* CowGoMoo

Used Mr. Ranu before years a go and again recently for another emergency. He just gets on with the job and is fair priced. He doesnt smile a lot with me and I dont know why. But apart from that, very good!! ..

Aug 19, 2011
* waheed

Best and kindest dentist in the world always really polite and helpfull highly recommended

Thanks Dr Ranu ......and yes Liverpool will win the league this year..

Aug 1, 2011
* Andy Goodchild

I contacted Mr Ranu having had a serious rotten tooth problem. He made me an emergency appointment and painlessly removed the tooth without any problem...and without putting me on a guilt trip!!! He is a very nice man and I would recommend him to anyone.. I have chosen him as my dentist for all future work...

Feb 27, 2011
* Charlotte

I would disagree with some of the reviews on here as I did not find Dr. Ranu helpful.

About a 1/4 of one of my molars broke off on a Thursday evening, next morning I was ringing round dentists to get it repaired and rang Dr. Ranu and got an appointment for the following Tuesday.

So come Tuesday I arrived at the dentists, it is a very basic dental nurse who is also the receptionist and the acutal dental surgery room is right next to the waiting area, so you can hear what is going on.

He looked at my tooth and told me I needed a RCT/Crown which is what I thought and put some temporary filling on it (16.50, I believe).

My main issue with Dr. Ranu is that he made me feel guilty about the condition of my teeth...I am fully aware I need some work on them and that its my fault that I do, but I don't want someone guilt tripping me as I am trying to get them sorted.

Also he said he couldn't perform the work I needed (which is fair enough) but when I asked if he could recommend an NHS practice that could/or who are good dentists when it comes to RCT, he just kept telling me there is a practice on Oxford Road, and thats all the information that he gave me...GREAT!

My point of telling you the above is I would only go here if it was a real dental emergency/you need an extraction as that is all he is willing to do. And the reason I make the comment about extraction, is I got there early and the 3 people before me all had extractions!..

Feb 9, 2011
* Naz

What can I say,,, a great man.... I was in so much pain and he saw me within minutes.... He is alwways very helpfull and kind....

I would go to him again and again......

Nov 28, 2010
* Mike

Went to see Mr Ranu for an emergency appointment recently. Was very pleased. I called him at 9 pm and he told me to go to his office right away and he met me there and sorted my broken tooth. Brilliant. Highly recommended...

Oct 28, 2010
* debbie

I went and saw Mr Ranu one evening after having a severe toothache ,it was my back tooth that i wouldnt realy miss so he took it out .i never felt a thing .would recommend Mr Ranu to everyone .i have now chose him for my dentist ...

Oct 12, 2010
* Chris Herbert

I have been to Mr. Ranu several times on emergency appointments.
He is always welcoming and simply does an excellent job, be it day or night.
Good prices, and brilliant service...

Apr 20, 2009
* Lesley Smith

Mr Ranu was my Dentist from the mind 90s when I went to him as an emergency patient following the bad fitting of a crown. He was brilliant and from then on was my dentist until the I had to move to Somerset in 2003. I even went back there for treatment from Somerset until I could find a local dentist who was enrolling NHS patients. I wish he was still my dentist. He was reassuring and kind and I totally trusted him...

Mar 21, 2009
* lulu sharp

i saw dr ranu i had bad tooth ache he was very good and took the tooth out and arranged to meet me at his surgery asap ..

Mar 1, 2009
* A.Pearce

I saw Mr Ranu after 9.30pm as an emergency patient with a broken front tooth after an accident at work.He was very caring even though I had called him out. I was made very comfortable, radio turned on and he explained every thing he was doing as he went along. Will be seeing him again next week for further treatment. ..

Apr 30, 2008

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