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Dentist: Fulbridge Dental Practice

IDH is committed to becoming the UK's leading Dental Group through providing each and every one of our patients with the finest care, services and treatment. It's this focus on people - on our valued patients, on looking after and carefully training our staff and on providing outstanding equipment and services that is fast ensuring we achieve number one in all areas of our business. You are very welcome in our practice on Fullbridge Road.

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Fulbridge Dental Practice
107 Fulbridge Road
Peterborough, PE1 3LE
Phone: 01733 564999

Services Offered: The best dental service in English Polish and Russian language.

Areas Served: Peterborough

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We, as a family , have never experienced any problems with this dental practice The service is very good and the receptionists are very well organised and polite...

Aug 31, 2014
* Richard Howard

Despite having had toothache for several weeks this practice has cancelled my treatment twice with rather feeble excuses. Each time there is a long wait for the next available appointment, about 2 weeks, and I'm still in pain. The receptionist even had the audacity to accuse me of being rude just for stating that their service is not good enough. A dental practice well avoided in my opinion...

Oct 31, 2013
* Kelly

It has taken me all day to get through on the phone and the receptionist appears to be rude and abrupt. However, this appears to be the only dentist in the area taking on new clients with no waiting list so a real positive...

Feb 8, 2012
* jem

i dislike going to the dentist at the best of times but the recptionist are rude and abrupt.good dentist and clean practise ..

Sep 7, 2011
* A.Mcmanus

Signed up to have some private fillings done, paid up front, dentist later advised against 1 filling & said I was due a refund (by cheque). I'm still waiting for my refund, the staff were not particularly helpful, a month later still no refund & nobody bothered. Wheres the money now, your guess is as good as mine. They owe 120. Be careful!!..

Jan 10, 2011
* Joshua Griffith

I've recently joined this dentist surgery, and the dentist himself who was assigned to me didn't speak much English, to the point where even his assistant was asking "What?"... He was very professional, and I wouldn't reccomend it for kids! Doesn't seem to be child friendly, but still got on well, knows his stuff, and the surfery itself is nice enough.....

Mar 8, 2010
* billie abel


Dec 16, 2009
* Alix`

i really like this dentist i have a great dentist and she always keeps me informed on what i need to be doing to keep my teeth nice. She has recently referred me to a orthodontist and id rather my dentist be my orthodontist...

Jun 1, 2009
* mrs f

I tried contacting the Fulbridge Dental Practice on Wednesday 16th January 2008, and trying being the operative word! well over an hour of constant ringing the telephone was engaged!! I am just glad that I wasnt in any real pain and in need of urgent medical attention...

Jan 16, 2008

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