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Dentist: NHS Dental Access Centre

This is our NHS Dental Access Centre Dentist page. We have listed the full address of NHS Dental Access Centre, phone numbers and websites. NHS Dental Access Centre is in Leicester, NHS Dental Access Centre offers dental care, teeth whitening, emergency appointments and cosmetic dentist in Leicester.

They also offer teeth whitening, dental care and private dental treatment in Leicester. [Edit Text]

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NHS Dental Access Centre
10 Nelson Street
Leicester, LE1 7BA
Phone: 0116-295 1278

Services Offered:

Areas Served:

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* Zarmeenah

After reading the reviews, i was quite skeptical about visiting the dental centre, as i was in so much pain due to an infection in my molar, however after giving them a ring they booked me in the very same day for 3:15pm, didn't have to wait super long till the dentist saw me, he prescribed me with antibiotics but i insisted that the tooth should be taken out, so the dentist did just that- even though he had given me anesthetic it was still very painful while he was taking the tooth out, but over all was glad he did that, now i am free of the pain- Happy days! ..

Jan 28, 2014
* Anon

My filling fell out leaving a deep cavity in my molar and I rang 111 for a local emergency dentist as I'm visiting my parents in Leicester. The woman on 111 was fantastic but everything after that was the worst experience with NHS I have ever had.
I rang the Dental Access Centre for three days running and each time I got told to ring back "tomorrow" you will surely get an appointment even though I was I need to be seen within 24 hours. The so called emergency service offered by Leicester NHS dental service is horrifyingly poor. The one time I even got close to getting an appointment, all my details were taken and just when i thought I will finally be seen, I got asked whether I paid for my treatments and when I said no I was told to ring another surgery as they were once again fully booked. I had rang at 9:15am. I fail to understand how every single appointment was taken so early on a Monday morning when they do not pre book appointments. A very big disappoinment! ..

Jan 13, 2014
* amy

I called the emergency dentist as my wisdom tooth was causing me agony! they called me 3 times to tell me to take painkillers and call back in a day (after it had already been 3 days)

they then said they can come out to give me a pain killer prescription but a call out fee of 18 then i would still have to find a chemist open at 10pm to pay for my prescription .

24 hours later, still painful and apparently im still wasting NHS money! not impressed!..

Nov 23, 2013
* gary neale

I literally live 20 seconds walk from nelson st rang up two in afternoon,could not see me today(so much for being EMERGENCY dentists). Advised to go to a chemists,buy tooth filling kit,and treat myself. Fantastic!! The huge charges dentists have,after training for years,and receptionists tell u to treat urself. As my tongue is now swelled up since phoning dentists,due to my upturned filling. Now sat in lri casualty wasting their time,instead of being treated at emergency dentist?! Waste of time,working, paying tax,and n.i. ..

Aug 13, 2013
* Joanne

if you ever manage to get through then you are very lucky i have used the service in the past and it was excellent however now they never have a dentist available crazy that my son has been in pain all weekend and no-one will help him his face is swollen and he is in agony very bad service and i am going to make a formal complaint..

Aug 11, 2013
* uk

Below standards. Charged 18, but did nothing except just asking same questions which I already had written. Dentist was so slow,complete waste of time for patient who are in pain. Waste of money...

Jun 19, 2013
* Lisa g

Brilliant. Rang up an was told to come straight down, polite staff. Brill dentist in desperate times. Wish they could be my regular dentist ..

May 19, 2012
* Jenny Fox

Broke my tooth & had exposed nerve. Rang on the Saturday morning, was given an appointment at 12 noon. Didn't wait long before I was seen. It was the least painful & traumatic experience I have ever had at a dentist. Very professional, caring & friendly staff. Thank you so much for the fantastic treatment I received. Couldn't recommend them enough. Thanks for a fantastic job...

Oct 27, 2011
* Carrie

Is this the correct telephone number, as I have been trying to call all day (Saturday) with no reply?..

Aug 20, 2011
* John Logan

Very poor service. My son been in pain over w/end. His dentist gone on holiday so no one there to treat him. Phone the NHS help centre and gave them the details they told us to go to Nelsons and they refered him back to his own denist. Just where we started. The poor lad still in pain. Nelson are not a true emergency dentist...

Aug 8, 2011
* Neil

highly impressed rang @ 9 in the chair by 10 . very polite @ pleasant staff explained everything that was happening you cant ask for more . thankyou :o)..

Mar 31, 2011
* Anonymous

The service I recieved from the point of making the call and up to the time of waiting in the waiting room for 10mins was very good. When the dentist examined me, he was informative and gave some good advice, I was just disappointed that for the price, a full clean of my teeth could not be arranged, after all I this is the NHS and I have not been to my dentist or my GP for that fact in 15 years?! Then to have to pay for your prescription as well, not ideal. I work for the NHS and I found the overall experience of using this service very good and prompt. I am in fact writing this whilst my pain killers have kicked in! :0)..

Jan 8, 2011
* Peter Gurney

Great servis phoned them at 9 am and I was in the surgery by 11 am and this was on a weekend, nice people...

Oct 2, 2010
* Jon

Excellent service, appointment time offered and I was seen within a very few minutes of the appointment time.
Although it was a 14 mile trip to the surgery, that is not really an issue the staff can do anything about.
The service was very proffessional, from the initial call (although still gt answer phone saying it was closed at 09:15). Advise about cost and payment method was provided.
Very pleased with this service, Thank You...

Sep 25, 2010
* Christopher crowter

vey good sevice and very promot as i was in a lot of pain...

Feb 15, 2010
* James

Couldn't wish to meet nicer people

My 3 year old son was suffering from tooth ache, they seen him the same night.

There is a small free carpark but paying for parking is no big deal.

Couldn't recommend these people enough.

Thanks so very much for all your hard work...

Jan 8, 2010
* sara

I had a tooth infection, the dental service offered me an appointment within the hour. The surgery unfortunately is opposite the train station with no car parking which was difficult, however there is off street parking.

The staff were helpful and pleasant and the dentist was great. I had to pay a small fee for the consultation, but the treatment was free as I am entitled to NHS treatment...

Feb 10, 2009

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