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Dentist: White Star Dental Care

This is our White Star Dental Care Dentist page. We have listed the full address of White Star Dental Care, phone numbers and websites. White Star Dental Care is in Ilford, White Star Dental Care offers dental care, teeth whitening, emergency appointments and cosmetic dentist in Ilford.

They also offer teeth whitening, dental care and private dental treatment in Ilford. [Edit Text]

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White Star Dental Care
Unit 3/Lower Level/The Exchange
High Road
Ilford, IG1 1AR
Phone: 020 84770920
Fax: 020 84770921

Services Offered:

Areas Served:

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All Dentist Reviews

* Marie

I recently had a denture fitted, deep cleaning treatment and filling and I found the dentist to be excellent. He was very careful to explain the procedures and the risks involved and I am really happy with the result. I hadn't been to the dentist for several years having not had a good experience with my previous dentist and the staff were very good and put me at ease. I definitely recommend this practice! ..

Nov 20, 2012
* kieth

hi I completely disagree with JONAS I as dental practices are run under strict hygiene protocol
every type of equipment used on patients is thoroughly disinfected. I know this as I work in medical field as well. ..

Sep 17, 2012
* kieth

hi I went to this practice recently and I have to say it is a brilliant practice and staff was very help full. as usual I was late for my appointment but they were flexible enough still see me. my last dentist never saw me even if I was 1 min late...

Sep 16, 2012
* jurate

Poor service. Been doing one teeth for almost 4 month as they keep cancelling my appointments, in total I lost 4 appointments, and the next one been given in 2 next time instead straight away. Fed up with this clinic after last cancellation, moving to another. ..

Nov 18, 2011
* jonas i

whitestar dental care was quite clean and I was sort of happy with them Recently had to go and visit the dentist the chairs in the waiting area was filthy the chairs all grimmy I bet no one had celaned the ever since they opened
Went inside I had a check up with my child dentist didnt bother to change the utensils god nows if they desinfect them at all ???Now my gums are all inflamed so I rate Whitestar dental care in Ilford as POOR ..

Sep 24, 2011
* sunny

i agree with jugga that x rays are dentist property they are kept as ur dental records u just cant ask them to give it to it like when whe u go for a blood test u just get the result u dont get the whole paper work its kept for ur medical record same is with the x ray. if u dont like the survice dont go back..

Jul 2, 2008
* san sharma

well i normaly go to that surgery and i am amazed what people have written what i think is that the dentist over ther is highly experinced and nurses are higly trained because the way they explind what was wrong with my teeth was realy good. after that i also had my filling done over there it was nicely done.i think that this practice is highly professional totaly hygienic.

well i will just say that it is a realy good practice i been to till now...

Jun 30, 2008
* jugga

hello dipak,
sorry to hear your concern,
but x-rays are the property of the dentist. The dentist who takes them retains them as they form part of your clinical notes and are available if they need to refer to them, at a later date.
If your not happy with the service of a dentist, why go back to them?

Jun 30, 2008
* Max Eidos

Very amateur/juvenile service. I had a so called experienced dentist who obviously didnít care about anything going on as he was already counting his pounds for his new job in the city. He was then replaced with someone who acts & sounds younger than secondary school age. She seemed fresh out of dental school contradicted what she was talking about & to boot when she described root canal surgery to me I had a dental nurse in the background making "Ouch" & shudder type sounds , like we were in school, & she had never been In a dental room & was this some kind of joke ? All in all a ridiculously unprofessional dental practice...

Jun 17, 2008
* dipak

I am writing this review due to very bad service recieved, had a crown done, they took 2 templates but even then was wrong when came to fitting first try was wrong,refilled then wrong again, buy then i siad better not fit it and do another templ, spent 45 refiling the cron even when fitted did not feel right, was after closing and just wanted it over with i think, even the cleaner was in the room waiting!!!
now its come out twice and refered to hospital, now they refuse my exrays..

Mar 10, 2008

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