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Dentist: D A Gilchrist

This is our D A Gilchrist Dentist page. We have listed the full address of D A Gilchrist, phone numbers and websites. D A Gilchrist is in Edinburgh, D A Gilchrist offers dental care, teeth whitening, emergency appointments and cosmetic dentist in Edinburgh.

They also offer teeth whitening, dental care and private dental treatment in Edinburgh. [Edit Text]

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D A Gilchrist
6 Rankeillor Street
Edinburgh, EH8 9HY
Phone: 0131-667 1277

Services Offered:

Areas Served:

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All Dentist Reviews

* Shakespeare Mahechani

I have received dental care from Julia McMillan for several years now and I have also known David Gilchrist for even longer and both Dentists are true professionals. The person who posted the remark: "The woman I see is very efficient at her job but she barely speaks beyond the absolute necessary" possesses a lucidity which is the by-product of a fundamentally sterile mind. Julie can ask a client to open their mouth wider or clench their teeth, depending on what procedure she may be performing and that is all she needs to do.She is hardly going to launch into a discourse about the weather or the current state of Brexit negotiations, is she? Besides, it's not as if the client can participate in such a discussion given that their mouth is open, can they? If the person who posted the above comment wishes to be involved in a conversation with whoever is carrying out a procedure on them, I would imagine they can do that when they visit a barber or a hairdresser. Julia is a Dentist par excellence and I have a lot of respect for her work ethic and performance.
Shakespeare Mahechani..

Dec 19, 2017
* Lynne Johnston

I have attended this wonderful dental practice for over 20 years.
My dentist Mrs Julia McMillan, not only is superb at her profession, but is a very warm, kind, and caring person.
Mrs McMillan, along with Mr Gilchrist, have gone out of their way and the extra mile, to help both my husband and I, of which we are truly grateful.
They are both, including their very helpful and friendly staff, a prime example of a first class dental practice.
Would very highly recommend!..

Aug 5, 2015
* william

I have been to two or three practices over the years and thought they where ok, but I recently just joined davids practice and for me this was a good choice! I never been the most relaxed person in a dental surgery but this was not the case here! Its a calming atmosphere, your made to feel really welcome, everything is explained in detail, I was very happy with my visit here and would highly recommend this practice...

Mar 30, 2015
* Terry Smith

The person whose review states that the female dentist is efficient but doesn't speak obviously has a personality defect. Mrs McMillan is the best dentist I have ever attended and is warm, friendly and caring as welleas being very efficient...

Feb 11, 2015
* Graham

I have been a patient at this practice for over 20 years now. Both dentists are excellent especially if you are scared or anxious about going to the dentist. My concern with the practice is that you don't seem to get a choice about what can and cannot be done for your treatment. Ive often felt that as an NHS patient the practice choses the cheapest option regarding your treatment and ive felt a bit bullied into having teeth taken out when other courses of treatment could have saved the teeth, however it is obviously much cheaper for the NHS to simply take the offending tooth out rather than go through a series of appointments that could have potentially saved the teeth i had removed.I have family members who attend different dentists go through similar problems with their teeth that i have had, however instead of having them removed , they were sat down and spoken to about what types of treatments were available to them, and also the costs involved. I am sorry to say but as much as i like this dental practice, you simply do not get given this option ! If your not paying for your treatment then your getting told whats being done to you and that's usually the end of it. There is no discussion, no chance for you to receive the treatment that you want. I do have a lot of regrets about what ive had done to my teeth here and i only wish that i had spoken up or asked for a 2nd opinion from another dentist before i allowed a course of treatment i had done to go ahead...

May 24, 2014
* Alan Millar

I've had a fantastic experience with this dental practice and I'm very grateful to my friend, Tracy for recommending me!!

I've had 2 lots of root canal treatment done and zero pain and Julia is really cool - great dentist that has taken the time (even though she's very busy) to explain to me in detail all the treatment.

Julia has gone out her way to look at teeth whitening, too.

I read a review on here from 2012 by someone that was decrying her a bit saying things like "
The woman I see is very efficient at her job but she barely speaks beyond the absolute necessities" ... that made me really angry because Julia is lovely and made me feel very at ease with the work I've had done.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion of course - I just thought I'd redress the balance with my experience.

From what I can see its a popular dental practice with loyal patients...

Apr 10, 2014
* maggie

Before i saw David, i was terrified of the dentist and hadn't been in years, David was very reassuring and staff very friendly. It's been around 20 years now and even though i moved away from the area 10years ago i make the 40 mile 2 buses there and back! It's worth it. ..

Sep 21, 2013
* Marie

Dr gilchrist has been my dentist since I was born - 18 years. I recently had to go and see a different dentist as I moved away to uni, and I have realised how lucky I am. I always used to laugh at people who were scared of their dentist, turns out I am one of these people! I have just never realised as dr gilchrist is very helpful and reassuring. ..

Jun 13, 2013
* patient 2012

The woman I see is very efficient at her job but she barely speaks beyond the absolute necessities ('open up, please... raise your arm etc) I feel like a car being serviced by a car mechanic and in the stressful situation of a dentist you need more than that. I don't want pampered but telling me what they are going to do and what they are doing would work wonders to reassure and relax the patient. ..

Sep 25, 2012
* julie

I have been a client of David Gilchrist for 12 years and would highly recommend him. I have every faith in his skill and ability and am now so relaxed at the dentists that I sometimes have to stop myself falling asleep. Once during a root canal! I dread ever having to change dentist...

Jun 5, 2010
* poro

I have been a patient with David for about 20 years and I would go to no other, i am a nervous patient at every visit and he is very patient and understanding, he doesnt force his work upon you and explains everything he is doing. I have travelled many miles to go to his surgery...

Jul 23, 2009

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