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Dentist: Gibraltar House Clinic

This is our Gibraltar House Clinic Dentist page. We have listed the full address of Gibraltar House Clinic, phone numbers and websites. Gibraltar House Clinic is in Chatham, Gibraltar House Clinic offers dental care, teeth whitening, emergency appointments and cosmetic dentist in Chatham.

They also offer teeth whitening, dental care and private dental treatment in Chatham. [Edit Text]

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Gibraltar House Clinic
Gibraltar Hill
Chatham, ME4 4RY
Phone: 01634 400128
Fax: 01634 832122

Services Offered: NHS and Private Care

Areas Served:

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All Dentist Reviews

* Sharon

I would love to write a review for this dentist but after being referred months ago and elaving a message on thier answer machine I GIVE UP and will go somewhere else, they obviosuly dont care..

Apr 7, 2017
* Shelby

After reading several brilliant reviews I went to this dentist. Admittedly the dentist herself was very good. But the surgery have taken my money and not given the treatment required. They then tried charging me more before continuing any treatment which was needed. I haven't been able to resolve this problem with any management etc, they haven't offered a refund or any help, generally completely unhelpful and disinterested. They also cancelled my appointments up to 5 times.

I have now left and using another practice but I would strongly advise against using this surgery as they have ripped me off and I can't do a thing about it. ..

Oct 22, 2014
* Best

I took my 10 year old daughter for an extraction under sedation today and the service we received was excellent. We arrived half an hour early, and were in and out before our original appointment time! The staff were efficient and friendly and put us at ease. We parked in the Wickes car park opposite (you get 90 minutes free parking there) as their car park was quite small. An excellent service, thank you!!..

Dec 19, 2013
* Nancy

Absolutely love this place , I cannot say enough. The staff are wonderful , my dentist who has been looking after my daughter especially, Dr. Jay he is just fantastic professional, kind and knows his job well. He treats everyone with a lot of respect and he know how well to deal with his own patients from old age to young ages. My daughter just lives him. His dental nurse is well professional and kind...

Aug 22, 2013
* Kelly

I could not recommend the staff at Gibraltor House enough! After having two wisdom teeth removed under general anaestic at Medway hospital and suffering very badly with pain and swelling I was terrified to be told I needed another removed but this time under sedation. I do not remember a thing and have not experienced any swelling or pain this time. The staff made me feel relaxed and reassured me throughout. I defiently recommend Gibraltor House and should I need my final wisdom tooth removed I would defiently return to Gibraltor House. ..

Apr 16, 2013
* Jeff Tucker

The surgery was easy to find and even has a (smallish) car park which patients can use. I had sedation and I couldn't fault the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. I was very numb afterwards, as you would expect, but I didn't feel a thing at the time!..

Nov 14, 2012
* sue brignall

just got back from the dentist ,the poor man must dread me coming in cos im so terrified! but if u explain to him u are scared he talks u through everything whilst he does it,ive goto go back for a filling and even though im freaking out deep down i know it aint that bad,and he said if i raise my hand he wil stop wot he is doin!! honestly im a big baby and the dentist is my worse nightmare,(id rather give birth wiv no painkillers) but id rather freak out and hyperventilate when i ave to go then to ave rotten teeth and ave them fall out,also ive always had the same dentist each time i go!!! but must say the carpark is a nightmare but there is one up the road(walking distance),and it always helps if your husband bribes u wiv cheesecake if u go !!!xxx..

Apr 19, 2012
* Sue

I took my 9yr old here yesterday and I have to say that EVERYONE at Gibraltar house were fantastic! There were many scared children there for differing dental problems, and all were treated wonderfully and with compassion and the parents were also treated fantastically - They understand a parent is so upset when their child has a dental problem (not just fillings etc) and they are so compassionat and understanding - Saying they are WONDERFUL is an understatement. The dentists told me they are redoing the outside soon after the roof is done so a few parking spaces should be added, also, no staff use this car park. There are also 2 further car parks just up there road (Not wickes) where you can park without worry of tickets.
I have to say I would have no qualms at all about going there in the future as they were just fantastic. IN fact - My mother immediately booked her appointment as she had a problem tooth for many years, and after hearing how my daughters worries, and her problem was so well and compassionately sorted. She knew that she would be OK. All the staff at Gibraltar house are fantastic. Just a shame they cant evict wickes and move in there - LOL!

Great staff, great great great. My daughter was treated well, and after care was of a great standard also. (Take a sick bucket with you if driving as your child might be sick afterwards with movement of car etc)..

Jan 12, 2012
* Aut

I visited this dentist on 27.10.11 for sedation and I was extremely nervous and scared but the dentist staff were very kind and did put me at ease the only negative I do have is that the car parking is very small and the dental surgery was very cramped...

Oct 27, 2011
* John Sargent

As a fully paid up coward it was with reluctance that I went to have a broken (By another dentist) removed. Knew nothing after the needle was put in my hand. All the staff were profesional and reassuring. Would definatly never have treatment anywhere else...

Aug 4, 2011
* Carla Roberts

appointment date 29/06/2011
Yesterday was my appointment and to say I was feeling nervous/scarred was a understatement! So I got there filled in some forms and waited for what seemed like ages. Then i was taken for xrays and to be weighed(so they know how much sedative you need to be administerd with) then asked to take a seat. Then an hour and a half later at 4.30pm I went into the surgery to be seen, the lady who did the canula in my hand agreed to put the numbing gel on before she did the canula ( Im such a wuss lol) after what seemed like 2 mins she had the canula in and I was away. Id been told I was having all 4 wisdon teeth and 3 others extrated which I thought would take around 45 mins. Just 15/20 mins later I was in the recovery room waiting to go home. I can honestly say hand on heart they are all brillliant there and they understand that people are terrified and try and put you at ease. I dont remember ANYTHING after then canula going into my hand I cant even remember getting into the recovery room. I have to go back in August for some fillings and I feel ok with that now because the sedation "works" and I wont feel a thing. Good luck anyone who has to go. x..

Jun 30, 2011
* ell hr

Brilliant team from reception to dentists, NHS aswell so well impressed with the way i was treated as on time, well looked after and very cheap, would recommend to any nervous patient...

Jun 26, 2011
* miya

i had two wisdom teeth out 4days ago,i was very very nervous but on arriving there i was put at ease by a dental nurse,i then met the dentist who was a really nice guy.He also put me at ease.i was sadated and i don't remember Nothing!The whole thing lasted about 20mins.when i came round i was sitting with a lovely dental nurse who said "its all done".I had no stitches etc,No problems at all.Just a bit uncomfortable when the numbness wore off.Have had a few painkillers since as my jaw was a little swollen and tender but apart from that no i highly recomend this dental surgery.So anyone who is going to have teeth exstracted don't stress like i did as it was nowhere as bad as i thought it would be...

Jun 12, 2011
* Suzy D

A great dentist - really friendly and relaxed. They don't rush or pressure sell. Good for nervous patience and peace of mind that they're not doing work that doesn't need doing.
Only bad side is parking (car park is very small, and yuo'll get fined for parking in Wickes, but hey - it's a dentists not a supermarket. ..

May 16, 2011
* Peter Simmons

Top class service. Arrived 11.30 for an 11.45 appointment. Filled in the forms and was called into the chair bang on time... A quick look at the overall condition of my teeth and then onto the reason for my visit... I had two teeth that were past repair and between us decided two extractions were required. Painless injections and within two minutes both extractions had been successfully completed... Job done, no pain, in and out within 12 minutes... Thats what I call service... ..

May 10, 2011
* Katherine

I cant believe there are bad reviews about this dentist.. I have been going there for sedation treatment for the past few years and think they ae brilliant... only fault would be thier car park, which isnt a major fault... just park somewhere else!! ..

Apr 20, 2011
* Claire

Well todays date 07/09/2010.I went to the clinic a very nervous and a little anxious after Reading some of these reviews.I have to say didn't have much to do with receptionists,but the lady that did my xrays etc put my nerves at ease and the team that did my two bottom extractions and my broken wisdom tooth were absoloutley fantastic.I would defo recommend them and go back there again ..

Sep 7, 2010
* Norma

Took my 9 yr old daughter there today to have a back tooth pulled. Yes, the parking can be a bit of a squeeze, but it really isn't that bad. Once inside, everyone was very friendly. I signed a couple of forms, waited a few mins and then we were lead into the 'operating' room. Earlier, I had prepared the back of my daughter's hand with 'numbing' cream, ready for the needle, which worked a treat - so would recommend you use this if you can get it prescribed from your GP. She laid on the operating table and was tucked in with a cosy blanket, whilst staff chatted to her, so that others could apply the medicines. I was asked to stay with her until she drifted off to sleep. Then approx 7 mins later(just enough time to turn the car around), I was called back in. The staff (all ladies on this day, by the way) carried her to the recovery room and gently laid her on a sofa with pillows. I sat with her, with a nurse chatting to me but keeping a very close eye on my daughters heart monitor (they do this for everyone). It took a little while for my daughter's head to clear properly, as her legs were a bit wobbly and at no point were we asked to hurry along. It was made clear that her well-being was the priority. When we were ready, the nurse helped walk her to the car and made sure she didn't hurt herself climbing in. They made her feel very special and I would certainly go back there again. (p.s. have rated the price as Great, because my daughter is only 9, so we didn't have to pay.)..

Jul 15, 2010
* happy customer

I had my wisdom tooth taken out today and must say it was a piece of cake (and im not a fan of dentists) due to the lovely staff, one member even put there hand on mine when I was having the injection so you defo get treated and looked after well here. I hope if i need treatment there again that I get the same people. Thank you..

Jun 25, 2010
* Carron Wallace

Lovely people, appointment was not cancelled I GOT A PHONE CALL THE DAY BEFORE TO MAKE SURE I WAS STILL GOING! Thoughtfull on their part so that they could book someone waiting for emergency place if I didn't take appt. Wissdom tooth extraction lovely loads of support whie sedated all fine but after 2 days worsening pain a week and must get some anti-biotics so hope I don't need to wait too long for them.
I will go there again even though I don't want to go to a dentist really so don't worry you get plenty of recovery time after to rest aswell.

Dec 11, 2009
* Anon

Was referred here for work to be carried out under sedation. Whilst onsite parking is difficult two public car parks nearby fixed that problem. All staff very helpful and whilst I can't remember any of the treatment itself ;) I had no issues and would recommend it...

Dec 1, 2009
* Happy patient

I cant fault this surgery.Yes parking could be better but there is a huge car park past the garage. Dont park in wickes or you may get a ticket.

Great staff, brilliant Dentist(s). I had a wisdom tooth removed last year... and it was a piece of cake !!

If you can get on their books do it !! If you have an emergency they will squeeze you in.

NHS or private, I went for NHS and my removal plus consult was less than 100 bargain !

Both my kids are with this surgery... What better recommendation can a parent give.

The only negative is the time it takes to get an appointment to see the hygeinist..

Aug 19, 2009
* Liz Frazer

I'm dentalphobic and only go in extremis. I got an appt same day for emergency work and Mac (my surgeon) also pointed out that 2 teeth which a previous dentist had said needed pulling could be filled after all. Had one each done on the next 2 consecutive weeks. Brilliant Service from all and excellent dental work - I've now got two effectively new teeth and worth every penny.

I would see Mac again without hesitation but if she leaves (and staff do move on for all kinds of reasons) I would still go back. I suspect those complaining they can't get an appointment mean they can't get one that suits them. Admittedly I had to leave work early to get to my appointments but these are my teeth and I think that's worth it. Especially if they last another 40+ years. Park in Wickes - who's to know? - there are always spaces and you can have an excellent bacon sandwich and cup of tea from the tea hut afterwards. Do some DIY shopping - Wickes are the best anyway.

It's so easy to be critical - judging from some of the reviews I've just read - but both I and my daughter have had excellent service from everyone we encountered. I work in the health service and expect to be treated the way I treat my patients - and was not disappointed in any way. I even enjoyed the ancient vintage car magazines in the waiting room! It's well worth the trip from Dartford...

Jul 29, 2009
* eve george

Wow people are not kind are they. But I will be I have been to Gibralter house for years and have been very well treated. Before I used to go to Guy's hospital in London for sedation as I am very bad at Dentist's then I came here and had sedation a very good practice. Now I see the dentist every 6 months here and if I need treatment they sedate me quite quickly. Everyone is very very kind...

May 7, 2009
* darren baker

The only problem with this practice is the lack of parking spaces.If you manage to get one the chances are you will never get out again as everyone else blocks you in and you have to wait for them to finish their treatment so that you can get out again.It would be a good idea if they strike up a deal with WICKES so that patients can use that car park.As for the staff and treatment,i cannot fault them...

Apr 25, 2009
* Duncan Paul Button

My appointment was 17/3/09.
I must say that I have never been so well looked after by any dentist/practice.
The care and thought shown was amazing.
Every detail was executed ( if I can use that word), perfectly.
Every step of what was going to happen, what I would feel etc., was very carefully explained to me by more than one person.
Cannot rate them highly enough.

Apr 10, 2009
* David

If only all, (or at least more) establishments irrespective of what type, be they medical, retail or whatever, where up to the superb standard of Gibraltar House, how less stressful life would be!
Having been coerced into being an escort to one of my grandchildren to the above Dental Practice today, the round trip of 40 miles was well worth it. From the excellent reception staff right through to the recovery team following sedation, and everybody else involved with today's procedures were simply faultless.
The icing on the cake for our family was when our grandson who has,(or had)a real phobia about Dentists, said that he would have no qualms about going to the Dentist in future, albeit if it was to Gibraltar House, praise indeed. Our genuine thanks to all involved with today's treatment...

Mar 17, 2009
* Mrs Anon

Have waited 3 months for a sedation appointment and still getting them cancelled at the last minute because of excuses by them.

Takes forever for the phone to be answered and then you never know if they are actually listening or understand what you mean!

Been waiting 2 weeks already for an emergency appt and have been living on painkillers all that time but still no emergency appt even though I ring every day to see if they can squeeze me in with any of the dentists.

The only plus point is the sedation team are really great when you finally get to see them...

Feb 3, 2009
* Vicky C

Hi there. I went to Gibralter House Chatham last week for the removal under sedation of 4 wisdom teeth.

The only problem we had was the parking - very small car park.

The staff were very helpful and professional and put me at ease. I don't remember anything after the needle was put in my hand .... but I was apparently out for about 20 mins. For the next half hour I was awake and talking to hubby and the nurse, asking the same questions again and again and crying .... don't remember any of this bit! The dentist had warned me that I would be given drugs to forget everything and they were fantastic! Spent most of the rest of the day asleep but no bruises or much pain.

Would recommend them to anyone else :-)


Dec 18, 2008
* Lucy H

So I read a lot of these reviews before I went to Gibraltar House, its my opinion that people come on here to vent their frustrations and very few come to post their good experiences, unless they've been brilliant. So I made the decision that after my appointment I would come and post my honest opinion, whether it be good or bad.

I went to Gibraltar House because my last wisdom tooth was coming through and it was causing me a lot more pain than any of the others. I phoned on Tuesday, and was seen today (Thursday), which I thought was actually quite good, considering we're dealing with NHS here. I arrived early, and filled in some forms as I was a new patient, they were fairly simple which was another plus. Before the appointment I was also X-rayed, quick and simple. Didn't eat into my appointment time. I then went back to the waiting area and waited for 5-10 minutes and was then seen by the Dentist. She explained that my Wisdom tooth wasn't growing in straight, which was pretty much what I suspected anyway. I asked if there was anyway she could remove it then, unfortunately she couldn't, but she'd refer me to someone. So she filled in the appropriate paperwork, and also prescribed me some antibiotics which she said should help with the pain and discomfort I've been experiencing. She was very friendly, which is obviously another plus.

However when I took my paperwork down to reception to book the appointment to have my wisdom tooth out I found that the earliest they could fit me in was March 24th 2009. Please take into consideration that I am writing this on the 20th November 2008. Four months to wait to have one wisdom tooth out?? Even by NHS standards that's pretty bad. I believe I am on the cancellations list, I will ring tomorrow to confirm that though. I also plan on posting my experience/ review after I've had my tooth removed...

Nov 20, 2008
* nat

ive been to this practice once before and found it fantastic but im meant to be going again on monday to have a tooth out but have lost all the paperwork as it was booked back in feb :-s does anyone know if i have to starve beforehand?! i really cant remember! thank you. natalie..

Oct 18, 2008
* arb

I recently visited gibraltar house for dental treatment with out sedation and will be 100% at ease next time i go in future. The whole place was very friendly and professional from the moment i walked in and the dentist was the most sympathetic and friendly dentist i have ever had, my nerves have been cured :o) at last.

so would like to say a dont believe everyting u read receptionists very very helpfull and dentists my saviour a big big thanku...

Sep 23, 2008
* Mrs Clarke

I had to fo to this dentist to have wisdom teeth extracted under sedation as they had impacted roots. I cannot praise the staff there enough, they were brilliant and I made a fast recovery from the extractions. I would happily return there for any treatmetn tomorrow...

Sep 16, 2008
* Louise Booth

I had sedation on Friday 12th Sep and I could not believe how well it went. I walked in to reception and the only thing that didn't impress me was the receptionist not particualy professional nor did she me put me ease. But thirty seconds after being told to sit in the waiting I was called by the nurse.
I was in the surgery for all of 15-20 mins I have no recollection of the procedure after the needle going into my hand.

I have had no major pain and feel very comfortable with this practice. I would recommend them to any nervous patient.

Parking was a problem though as the car park is so tiny...

Sep 15, 2008
* Mrs Mason

I had read the reviews of this practice and had become a little concerned about the care that my 6 year old daughter would receive.

Let me set the record straight here. I rang on Wednesday morning because my little girl had a tootache which was the result of an abcess during the school holidays. My own dentist had been in tough with them and I had a call the same day to offer an appointment for 2 weeks' time. I must admit I was not happy about this because I do feel that in this day and age a child should not suffer at all. The receptionist however did suggest that I call back this morning at 8.30 whereby she would know if there had been any cancellations.

I got a call from the clinic at 8.30 to say that there had been a cancellation and that I could bring her along today if I wanted to. Of course this is what we have done. My daughter had her tooth extracted today by very experienced and supportive staff. She cried a little afterwards but this had been explained to me as one of the possible after effects of the anaesthetic. As I write this at 3pm she is fully recovered, and has eaten a light lunch with no discomfort at all.

Don't always believe bad reports, I have been very pleased with the care that Isabella received today. Well done to all staff, and thank you...

Sep 11, 2008
* Saz

I have had nothing but trouble from this dentist. I was 17 last year and I booked an appointment but forgot to ask if I would get free treatment for being a student, I tried to phone through and couldn't get through, I spent 30 minutes next to my phone trying to get through to them and no luck. I then went in and the receptionist just looked at me blankly and told me to ask at reception after my treatment.
So me asking to see if I get it free because I can't afford to pay would be wasted AFTER the treatment.
I've now been referred from Chatham Dental Surgery (Amazing Dentists and the receptionist know what she's doing!) to have my wisdom teeth taken out cause I'm in agony and I've spent the past 3 working days trying to get through to make an appointment and recieve nothing but a loud ringing noise.
Not impressed, but I don't see what choice I have but to keep trying and chance that they pull the right teeth out!..

Sep 1, 2008
* Mrs Wigmore

Wow I was really nervous about going after I read these reviews, but I'm delighted I didn't cancel now! I had sedation and although they weer very busy and we couldn't get parking straight away, it was brilliant! I don't remember a thing and everyone was so nice. Would recommend it for nervous people anyway!..

Aug 21, 2008
* tony

havent been to the dentist for 25 years, went to gibraltar house and had to wait over an hour for my appointment, however once in i was told i had to have all 4 wisdom teeth extracted and another back tooth extracted (5 in total under sedation) the dentist was very good, and i remember absolutely nothing about the procedure! (thank god) was able to return to work the following day and have had absolutely no pain whatsoever, and only very mild discomfort, so i am well pleased. ..

Aug 17, 2008
* Mrs Rolfe

Yet again i have had yet another dreadful experience at this dentist. I arrived for appointment 10 mins early only to be told my appointment was yesterday!! This wasn`t the case as i knew a monday appt would be impossible for me. I told them i didn`t require any work doing today as i was only there for a quote on the work i needed. I was told my dentist had left for the day (3.00pm, nice work if you can get it) and i would have to see my owen dentist, i asked why this was the case as i had seen 5 different ones since joining the practice, but of course no one was available. I had booked the day off work for this appointment and had a completely wasted day, i have another appt booked for 4th Aug , thats if i dont find another dentist first. My last appointment was cancelled four times on their behalf, they just do not see the urgency in anything, and i whole heartedly agree that the reception staff need a crash course at charm school. I am absolutely furious at todays outcome...

Jul 22, 2008
* Mrs Smith

I have been going to this dental practise for 10 years.
The receptionists could do with a customer care course but the actual dentists have all been nice even if you dont seen the same one twice.
They do need a bigger parking area as half a dozen cars in it and its full...

Jun 16, 2008
* Annon

errible service, the place has about 5 receptionists and none know their ar*e from their elbow.. I paid part cash and part card when I went, for ages i recieved requests to settle my bill as the cash was not logged as being recieved. go back if you must as it is NHS and does do sedation...

May 8, 2008
* Ms A Smith

Probably the worst dental practice I've ever visited. The reception staff are completely unable to deal with any problems that require anything more than picking up the phone and accepting payment. You get charged an additional fee for using anything other than cash. Dentists come and go like there's no tomorrow - if you visit in Jan and return for a checkup in June you'll get a new dentist (never the same one twice in my experience).
On one ocassion I was told I needed a filling, I decided against it at the time and made an appointment for two months down the line - I returned for the appointment only to find the dentist gone. The new dentist checked the tooth and said I didn't require any filling. I asked why I was told I needed an unwanted filling and I was given the response: "Well that dentist is no longer here!" That's professionalism for you. I would stay clear of this dental practice at all costs, and find a more familiy orientated practice where its patients are treated like individuals - or failing that go private (it might cost more but at least you might just save your teeth from unnecessary treatment.
Don't say I didn't warn you - trying ringing their phone number to make an appointment, if you get through in less than 3 minutes you're doing well!..

Feb 28, 2008

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