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Dentist: Unsworth Smile Clinic

This is our Unsworth Smile Clinic Dentist page. We have listed the full address of Unsworth Smile Clinic, phone numbers and websites. Unsworth Smile Clinic is in Bury, Unsworth Smile Clinic offers dental care, teeth whitening, emergency appointments and cosmetic dentist in Bury.

They also offer teeth whitening, dental care and private dental treatment in Bury. [Edit Text]

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Unsworth Smile Clinic
First Floor
57 Parr Lane
Bury, BL9 8JR
Phone: 0161-766 6661

Services Offered:

Areas Served:

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All Dentist Reviews

* Mrs x

Following a recent visit to smile clinic I can say I am happy with the dentists communication and friendly behaviour.Unfortunately the same cannot be said about their receptionists.Their attitude is very of putting and unwelcoming not what being a receptionist is about.They cannot even manage a friendly smile.I had one of them talk to me as if I were invisible avoiding eye contact staring at the computer screen.So unprofessional.My advice to the clinic is do employ welcoming staff...

Sep 14, 2015
* Mr X

The staff seemed pretty friendly, and the atmosphere also seemed calm. I was seen pretty much on time (I think I had to wait ~10mins or so). The dentist was nice and seemed quite calm & welcoming. However, overall I went away with a feeling of somewhat dislike and the experience toward the end was quite disagreeable. Sometimes the dentist didn't really explain certain things, and seemed to accuse me, as if the state of my teeth were ONLY really as a result of my poor dental hygiene. I don't feel he really gave me much of a scope to explain myself or judge me correctly. I brush my teeth regularly (at LEAST once a day) as well as use mouthwash daily and regularly chew gum etc. and- perhaps more importantly- make it a point to have VERY LITTLE sugar in my diet and almost NO sugary drinks. However, I feel whatever was said left me feeling really slightly disappointed. For some reason, even though I couldn't hear exactly what was being said (or perhaps, I didn't WANT to), I felt they were commenting and joking about me once I had left the room, and this was clearly audible from the outside.

I was still willing to believe and muster hope that at least all of this was, perhaps just a 'feeling', and maybe it was just related to the day, and that, even if I feel they could, perhaps, have made somewhat more of an attempt to communicate with me more clearly- just to help me e.g. to feel somewhat more at ease whilst having the treatment done, as what as CLEAR explanations of the plans of what needed to follow and why and the likes- at least he actual dental work done itself seemed to be to an acceptable level, as the analgesia worked well and I had (finally) had my tooth filled. Then only ~an hour or so after the procedure my filling (spontaneously) came out!!

Need another ASAP apptmnt now (otherwise will have to chew food on my gum till it bleeds !!)

I honestly can't say they're the best dental surgery I've been to...

Oct 30, 2013
* lynn mcgoff

Very poor communications with patients. My 5 yr old daughter has been struck off as I only gave 5 hours notice of cancellation and not 24. Also I paid 46.50 for dental traetment then was sent a fraud letter for claiming Job seekers. Thank god I had proof I would advise everyone to pay by credit card. If companies want to fraud te system do not use us..

Nov 25, 2012

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