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Dentist: East Street Dental Centre

This is our East Street Dental Centre Dentist page. We have listed the full address of East Street Dental Centre, phone numbers and websites. East Street Dental Centre is in Bristol, East Street Dental Centre offers dental care, teeth whitening, emergency appointments and cosmetic dentist in Bristol.

They also offer teeth whitening, dental care and private dental treatment in Bristol. [Edit Text]

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East Street Dental Centre
68-70 East Street
Bristol, BS3 4EY
Phone: 0117-966 3298

Services Offered:

Areas Served:

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All Dentist Reviews

* ian

5 years ago it was a great dentists,now its the place that seems to only want the money,First check up ok ,2nd they had a broken chair so everything 40 mins late told I needed x rays next.3rd appointment I have no idea why I was there,told x rays next appointment?turned up had 2 fillings one drilled into my nerve 3 times.even though before I joined a tooth had snapped off told to come back in 3 months.broken tooth killing me but not going back...

Sep 8, 2016
* Amber-rose

To everyone who's slating this dental practice, if it so bad why the hell are you still going there if they're so bad? More like you couldn't get what you wanted when you wanted so you threw your toys out the pram! I'm registered at this dentist and I can say it's the best dentist I've ever been to! They're all polite and re-assuring, I was petrified of dentists to the point I'd pass out as soon as walk through the door, they do their job and they do it well! I wouldn't change from this practice if you paid me! They're brilliant! ..

Feb 6, 2012
* Mike Elson

The reason I'm on this site is because I wanted the practice address so that I could post the thank you card to my dentist I've just written. I don't usually bother with these things but after reading some of these reviews I felt some balance was needed. I have used this practice for 20 years, and when I moved 125 miles away I kept my dentist here because he has never been less than brilliant. Yes I have travelled 125 miles and had my appointment cancelled because an emergency has occured. Two weeks ago that emergency was me,(sorry to those who missed their appointment). When I needed extreme treatment I got it. It's like a road accident you may get annoyed with the inconvenience but you're glad it's not you. I'm not the only one who travels over 100 miles to this dentist, which says it all really. I've also found the reception polite and professional. The practice is modern and well equiped. Prices and stupid forms are due to the government: not the practice...

Mar 20, 2011
* Terry Murphy

The place is hard to find but the service is good if, like me, you are terrified of dentists.

The lady on reception is both knowledgable and helpful..

Apr 16, 2010
* sara

hi everyone i was recommended this dentist as i am very scared of the dentist they have been great with the treatment i have needed i have brought my children to this practice to any they have been fine at going to every appointment. The lady on the reception is lovely and wil do everything she can to help i think she is great overall good service from this practice..

Jan 6, 2010
* Jamie

I think that the remarks concerning the paticular lady at reception are totaly true!!! She is rude ,has no people skills and should never be placed front of house.I can never get hold of the practice by phone and when i asked why was rudly told their busy.I ws late for an appoitment by 3 minuts and couldnt get through by phone to let them know .When i arrived she was once again very rude and told me my watch was wrong and that i was 8 mins late and that she goes by her watch.. Im going to complain to her manager. Not happy at all!!!!!..

Sep 1, 2009
* Eros

Been going here for 5 years now, always been nice to me especially the lady in reception, not a problem here...

Aug 20, 2009
* clarice

I must agree with these people I would place it more like something out of the dark ages. Very rude receptionist. Appointments cancelled at the last minute. Fillings that have been agony. And to top it all I had one dentist after I complained of pain in one of my teeth say to me it was the tooth next to it and then six months later tried to fill in the one that hurt. Very poor go elsewhere...

Apr 15, 2009
* Kathleen

I went on line to see if I could email the East Street Dental Practice as I destroyed, in error, all my paperwork.
I was so very upset to see the horrid remarks about this wonderful surgery.

I have been going there for TWENTY YEARS and they have looked after me superbly. My only criticism I would ever have is the hygienist who spent all the time discussing her life, her daughter, her problems and was a total bore, time consuming and ridiculously expensive.
The dark haired lady in reception is SO HELPFUL AND SO KIND AND SO THOUGHTFUL it has made me nearly cry that you other emailers are so very very unkind. It takes all sorts to make a world - there are the good the bad and the ugly. You are BAD. I know I am ugly as I am late sixties and have just one tooth in the front - without my dentures I would frighten everyone in the world...

Feb 12, 2009
* Mike

I went to this surgery recently to have a tooth extracted but my mouth didn't numb properly. I was told this happens with some patients. I have had several teeth extracted in the past with no problems. I have also found information on the WWW that says this is the fault of the dentist as everyone should go numb. What joy!..

Nov 3, 2008
* Lora Pillinger

I have been coming to this dentist for 10years now, not sure who my dentist is at the moment as they change round so often. Very rude reception not helpfull on the phone - I agree that she is a scarey bearded woman!..

Jul 15, 2008
* Sandy Lewis

I have been coming here for over 13 years now and have found my own dentist very sympathtic to my fears. The female receptionist with the full beard is a bit scarey though...

Mar 10, 2008
* mark

i must agree with the last person, this place is the worst place for dentistry sine the 17th century back street surgeons. cancelled apps, bad practice, lack of understanding and very poor receptionists. this place is the worst dentist i have ever been too..

Feb 13, 2008
* Lee Williams

If you would like a dentists, who cancels your annual appointments at the last minute, keeps you waiting months for painful emergency treatment and is as knowlegeable about dental care as "a brick" youve come to the right place.
I have had the misfortune of being a patient of this practice for two years and have seldom come across a "professional" establishment with the uncaring nature and lack of understanding of patients needs as this one does.
I would strongly advise you look at other options


Dec 31, 2007

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