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Dentist: Bradbury Dental Clinic

This is our Bradbury Dental Clinic Dentist page. We have listed the full address of Bradbury Dental Clinic, phone numbers and websites. Bradbury Dental Clinic is in Belfast, Bradbury Dental Clinic offers dental care, teeth whitening, emergency appointments and cosmetic dentist in Belfast.

They also offer teeth whitening, dental care and private dental treatment in Belfast. [Edit Text]

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Bradbury Dental Clinic
46 Bradbury Place
Belfast, BT7 1RU
Phone: 028 90222444

Services Offered:

Areas Served:

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All Dentist Reviews

* Joanna Simpson

when i enrolled with this dentist again 5 years ago , admittley there was more dentists working, but they where crap. The dentist who is now there Victor is fantastic, he is amazing, he has fixed my teet that they are now in excellent condition, saved teeth , that i though where unrepairable. As for the receptionst she is brillaint,. she is always happy cheerful and trys her best to get you fitted it for an emergency appointment. Maybe its the owner you need to get mad with, ashe had taken on all these patients andoly has one denstist....... But all in all i have great faith in them...

Apr 26, 2010
* Ian

I have to agree with the other reviewers. When I first registered here about 5 years ago, the level I'd service was excellent and was very pleased with whitening work I had done. Two years ago I had a number of old fillings replaced with white ones and one tooth in particular hasn't been right ever since. I had to go back a week after the initial procedure as food was getting impacted into my gum and it was really uncomfortable. After some further work was carried out to help matters, I was still experiencing pain and tenderness, still with food getting impacted under my gum when I ate. I went back again and was told there was nothing wrong, even though my whole jaw ached and the tooth seemed loose. The pain got worse and worse, and I suspected I'd developed an absess. There was no emergency cover at their surgery, I was in so much pain I could hardly function yet they told me I'd have to make an appointment. They then recommended that I went to City Hospital's emergency dental clinic, where after a 30 second inspection the nice lady shook her head, tutted to herself and told me if course I had an absess, she was bewildered how they could have failed to spot it. After a course of antibiotics I had to have the white filling removed and replaced with a standard amalgam filling again (which I had to pay for!). I would be very reluctant to use this dentist again for anything other than routine clean-and-polish visits. ..

Mar 8, 2010
* John

When I registered with this practice five years ago, the quality not only of the dental work but also of the information available when you rang up was excellent. Unfortunately, it is very different today.

Last year, I had to have a filling in one tooth replaced 3 times because it was loose, and I had to have the same filling replaced last week after developing an abcess underneath it, again due to the filling being loose. The abcess developed on 16th July, the first appointment time I was given was 22nd August, my treatment was last week (September 3rd). The filling itself is very rough and jagged, and I have already had problems with food getting trapped between it and the neighbouring tooth. Their prices are very cheap, and the surgery is very handy to both my work and home, but my advice would be if you can afford it, go elsewhere...

Sep 8, 2008
* Guest

Are you NHS?
Are you a private patient?
They provided the care they need to.
If you did not like it then either find aonther dentist - private - or complain to your local Primary Care Trust...

Sep 2, 2008
* Denise Callaghan

I found the service here absolutely appalling, I rang for an emergency appointment only to find there was no dentist! I was advised to go to the City Hospital for pain relief or to call one of their other branches in Castlereagh Street or Crumlin Road. There was no emergency treatment available in Bradbury Dental Clinic. When I requested a copy of their Complaints Procedure I was told I would have to call back next week as the girl covering reception didn't know anthing about it and the receptionist, as well as the dentist, was on holiday.
When I registered with this practive many years ago the standards of care and professionalism were high, unfortunately, these standards have fallen gradually over the years to the point where I now plan to register with a different dentist. ..

Jul 16, 2008

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