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London (1876)
Glasgow (373)
Birmingham (297)
Manchester (288)
Bristol (279)
Nottingham (233)
Sheffield (230)
Liverpool (220)
Leeds (207)
Edinburgh (166)
Leicester (154)
Belfast (120)
Newcastle upon Tyne (111)
Southampton (108)
Cardiff (107)
Reading (95)
Stockport (93)
Swansea (82)
Bradford (79)
Brighton (79)
Cheltenham (78)
Coventry (77)
Bath (76)
Wolverhampton (75)
Cambridge (74)
Preston (74)
Plymouth (73)
York (72)
Bolton (71)
Derby (70)
Doncaster (70)
Ilford (70)
Oxford (70)
Norwich (69)
Wigan (69)
Bournemouth (67)
Middlesbrough (65)
Southport (65)
Colchester (62)
Harrow (61)
Ipswich (61)
Northampton (60)
Chesterfield (59)
Warrington (58)
Chester (57)
Huddersfield (57)
Sunderland (57)
Gloucester (56)
Swindon (56)
Wirral (54)

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